Chocally Autumnal Collection

Cally Higgenbottom Chocolates

From the very popular selection of chocolate gifts sent over just before Easter this year that were not only well received here, but also by my extended family, to Cally’s Autumn collection which features eight bon bons of four different varieties: Bonfire Toffee Truffle, Rhubarb & Custard, Berry Crumble Truffle and the Toffee Apple.

The Menu

I’ve been craving rhubarb crumble and custard for a while so I had to begin my Cally adventure here – the flavours were rich, intense and striking. Most importantly they tasted natural and elegant. Far too often truffles of this nature created by the multinationals taste false, overly sweet and full of artificial ingredients. Cally’s were the antithesis of mass-market. The rhubarb certainly jumped out at me and the creamy, vanilla custard followed suit. But what I loved was that the naturally bitter rhubarb returned after the custard had let its flavour loose.

In the box

The milk toffee apple was absolutely fantastic. It was sticky, eminently of apple with a delightful crunch too. I know it’s on the sweet side, but I absolutely loved it. It’s just that those flavours were very much defined and real. Again, there wasn’t anything artificial about it. The flavours lingered on the tongue and were just a joy. The natural sharpness of the apples just wouldn’t desist.

The bonfire toffee truffle I’m sure had liquorice with the toffee chunks. But this is another, fantastically original flavour combination that really hits your taste buds and makes you want another. Just as with the rest, the flavours stayed with you for an age. The good point about this is that you have more fun for fewer calories.

The berry crumble truffle was more restrained. The texture, again, was very natural. The crumble coating served as a temporary distraction given the curious, but very enjoyable texture. You were then focused back on the delicious fruity flavour. Oh how I loved this one.

I know the prices for Salon du Chocolat are crazy expensive. But I suggest that they should discount their prices for new entrants to the chocolate world – based on a taste test. Those chocolate companies that produce the best with a limited budget should be allowed to have a stall free. The alternative is that we just have the chocolate companies with the deepest pockets there and chocolate lovers will miss out on the delights from the likes of Cally – her chocolate treats most definitely deserve the attention.

You can check these out on the Chocally website. Or I’m sure you can catch up with Cally at the Vintage & Craft market on 26th October at St Mary’s Church, Sheffield, S2 4QZ.

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