Chocadores Hot Chocolate

Chocadores Hot Chocolate Block

When comes to hot drinking chocolate people seem to be as fussy as they are when they have a cuppa. Some people like to brew there’s for no less than five minutes, squeeze the tea bag with their left hand whilst exclaiming “white rabbit, white rabbit” and rubbing their stomach with the other hand. When it comes to hot chocolate I prefer mine to be bitter but creamy and mainly semi-skimmed milk if I can, but I can drink it with part hot water if I’m feeling like a calorie-conscious. And that’s what I’ve got here. Not wanting to drown out the 65% Colombian Triniatario dark chocolate that Chocadores have made this drinking chocolate from, I’ve gone with skimmed milk. Shock, horror, but I am on a diet you know!

Chocadores Hot Chocolate Going In

The block itself had a gorgeous dark aroma and was substantial in size. When I saw how thick it was I thought that it’d never melt quickly and evenly, but I was wrong as it melted with ease. As it did so it created the appearance of having chocolate shooting-stars whishing across a milky … er way? Or perhaps a milky galaxy? Whatever you wanted to call it, it was a damn site more tasty then either of those Nestle or Mars Inc. creations.

Chocadores Hot Chocolate Stiring

And what a wonderful way to warm up after taking the dog out for a blisteringly cold walk? Even being light on fat content from using skimmed milk it seemed to still offer a velvety smooth texture. But it was more complicated than other hot chocolate I’ve tasted. There seemed to be a nutmeg edge to it, perhaps even a dash of cinnamon? Also it was a great deal less bitter than I had anticipated, but even though that dial was turned down, it was adequately compensated by the range of flavours present. It just wasn’t a one-dimensional chocolate flavour that most hot drinking chocolate is. Thankfully this was a lot more rounded than that.

Chocadores Hot Chocolate End Result

I believe these drinking chocolate squares will be on sale in a week or so on the Chocadores website and I have a pre-launch version of it, so I’ll wait for a complete review it until I know the pricing and have seen the packaging etc. But just on the flavour, I can certainly expect that I’d like this to be my winter, post-dog walk ‘warm-me-up’.

Overall, a perfect way to escape the wintery weather, and any household chores. Sit back, put something on the goggle-box and melt into your mug.

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