CHOC Chick Raw Chocolate Making Starter Kit

I tend to spend my weekends either sat in front of the TV or computer or, on very rare occasions, I’ll venture out into the real world. For me these two days are completely wasted in winter so it’s great to having something creative and chocolaty to do with my time. And for this weekend’s entertainment I had the chance to play with the Raw Chocolate Starter Kit from CHOC Chick.

As you might know, I’m not the most adept in the kitchen so I think this would be a great test to see if I can follow the instructions correctly. For I can do it, I’m sure the target audience: kids with their parents could. You see, I feel these chocolate making kits are great for parents to spend some time with their children when they’ve got some time off or during the school holidays as it’s a great, interactive, way to bond with your kids. You can have fun learning more about cacao, kitchen safety and how to decorate or flavour your chocolate that you make. You can’t put a price on this sort of activity.

The litmus test of any chocolate making kit is the clarity of the instructions. With the Choc Chick it is “as easy as 1,2,3”, well five steps actually. You simply melt the raw cacao butter in a Bain Marie, add 6 tablespoons of the raw cacao powder, followed by some Agave Syrup to taste, spoon into some moulds (which don’t come with the starter kit), and refrigerate. It’s so simple, even I could do it.

But you don’t have to do it that way. With the kit comes a range of recipes which I wish I spotted before making the chocolate. This will allow you to increase the interactivity and complexity should you wish. But you don’t have to stop at those five, they have loads more in their recipe archive. I’ll be following these next time around. And this is the bit I love Choc Chick – you’re able to scale your raw chocolate making operations with larger and larger kits as well as a range of silicone moulds – which I didn’t have. Instead I had to rob the plastic moulds that came with a Chocolatiere that I’ll be reviewing at a later date.

In terms of ease of use I couldn’t fault it. It was interesting to see cacao butter in its raw state included in the pack and hopefully you didn’t steal it to put on your face instead of in the chocolate.

After I’d left it for long enough in the fridge I tried one or two. Well it actually ended up at four or five as I thought they were fantastic. With these there was less of an agave flavour and more of the raw chocolate that I recognise from the raw chocolate bars I’ve tried made by professionals. I’d certainly recommend this kit if you want to make some raw chocolate with your family, or even just for yourself. I think it made about 30 chocolates, which makes it great value for money.

Where To Buy The Raw Chocolate Making Starter Kit
  • CHOC Chick – £11.99

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