Choc-Affair Hot Chocolate Drink Melting Stick

This Hot Chocolate Drinking Melting Stick I bought from the Ethical Superstore for £2.25 may look expensive when you compare it against their other hot chocolate products, but none of those are as interactive as this. Basically its a stick with some hot chocolate on the end that you place in hot milk, swizzle it around a bit and let it melt. And I loved it.

The heart attached signifies that its aimed for the Valentine’s market. And why not get your loved something that’s cute, interesting and chocolate related for Valentine’s Day?

The stick is a good 15cm long with this arrow shaped end that you just dangle in and stir the milk. I made the mistake of going for skimmed milk as that’s all I had, but never mind. You can choose the milk that you prefer.

One of the best things about this hot chocolate stick is watching it melt and turn the milk all chocolaty.

There’s just something magical about it changing shape as more and more is infused into the milk.

The colour will change slowly at first …

… but after a while it’ll get darker and darker.

And at the end, all the chocolate would have melted off the stick.

I think this is a wonderful invention. You may not be able to get the intensity as you like because you’ve got a set amount on the stick. But with an average sized mug you should get a medium strength mug of hot chocolate.

There may be a slight rough edge to the chocolate texture and a slightly malted milk taste, but all in all it was an enjoyable experience.

    • Taste: 67% – just a bit too malted milk for me


  • Texture: 75% – its difficult to gauge hot chocolate for texture seeing as its down to you to stir enough and also get the milk hot enough.



  • Appearance: 85% – the presentation was wonderful and it was an enjoyable experience



  • Nutritional Information: 60% – there’s not a lot of information to give really



  • Price: 75% – as a hot chocolate, its expensive. As a Valentine’s gift, its great value



  • Overall: 72.4% – well worth getting



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Nutritional Information:

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