South Devon Chilli Farm Hot Chocolate

Here in Blighty it’s blisteringly hot. Well for the UK in early June it’s a great deal warmer than it has been at any time in the past twelve months. So no seems to be as good a time as any to try some chilli hot chocolate from the South Devon Chilli Farm.

This 250g pack of 50% chocolate flakes  flavoured with chilli (1% of volume) set me back £5.25 last year and I’ve only just got around to reviewing it now – and what a mistake that was. My cupboards are bursting with various varieties of hot chocolate, from Zotter to Bouga Cacao and even some from the Chocolate Cafe. But to be fair, this has to be my favourite. The reason being is that despite being very smooth and creamy that added chilli does a wonderful job of heating the back of my through. For some reason I’m feeling a touch hoarse and the heat combination is soothing it in a mild Deep Heat for the throat sense.

The 100% Bouga Cacao hot chocolate is great for a kick up the backside whilst the lemon and lime hot chocolate from The Chocolate Cafe is very sweet and a touch sharp. This one is more warming and relaxing. It has just the right amount of heat to sooth but not to paralyse. It’s one I was going to donate to a family gathering, but one I’ll ultimately keep to myself.

Of course it’s not as fine as Bonnat’s drinking chocolate or Pralus version, but for something that’s very reasonably priced and accessible I think it’s very much worth the money.


Lee McCoy

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