Chilli Chocolate Crunchy Cake

Chilli Chocolate Cake

This diet is killing me. Bad carbs are out, along with unnecessary sugary stuff. Thank my lucky stars I’m a chocolate reviewer and can consume biscuits, cakes and chocolate – all in the name of “work”. Truth be told, I was looking for an excuse to break free of this self-imposed torture. Of course I can nibble on quality dark chocolate, but cakes – oooh no.  But whilst I was purchasing some chilli sauces to add flavour to my wife’s cooking (I jest), I saw these chilli chocolate crunchy cakes from South Devon Chili Farm and just couldn’t resist – well who could for just £1.50!

Looking fabulous

Of course it looks utterly delicious with the thick coating of 60% dark chocolate coating the crunchy cake just sets it off. I know there’s “bad” stuff in there. There’s vegetable oil, invert sugar syrup, more sugar, salt and golden syrup. But to be fair, if you’re going to break a diet and it has to be done in style. I know I could have purchased some exotic truffles from Paul A. Young or a huge cheese cake. However, I’m a sucker for cake and am chemically dependent on chilli. There was nothing else I was going to spend the next 48 hours in insufferable guilt for It had to be really “bad” and pack some heat.

Are you still with me?

Twenty per cent of the cake is made up with that chilli chocolate layer. And it’s a chocolate that is comfortingly warm as it doesn’t assault the back of your throat with the same sort of intensity as their chilli sauces. What’s more, the cake’s texture does actually taste homemade, but there is that balance of sweet and savoury that you expect from the mass-produced cakes and biscuits where millions have been poured into R&D to get the right balance of addictiveness. And I am certainly addicted enough that I could easily go to my grave clutching one of these.

In terms of clarity of flavour, sophistication or exacting construction, they’re not there, you didn’t expect anything else. But in terms of pushing the buttons I need pushing, it’s absolutely perfect. And for £1.50, if these guys don’t sell these in their thousands I’d be very surprised!

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