Chic Choc Wafer Bar

Could the Chic Choc be the first Şölen Chocolate bar that I actually like? If you remember, the Jacky Wafer Chocolate Bar was poor and the Wish coconut chocolate bar was to be missed. But the Chic Choc isn’t all that bad. Just because it looks like a Kit Kat Chunky gives it some plus points alone.

This is another bar that I bought from Barbados and I’ve never seen them around in the UK. However, if you’re on holiday in the Caribbean or south-eastern Europe then you may come across it.

The Chic Chock is basically layered wafers and coca cream coated in milk chocolate. As naff as it sounds its actually not bad – I’ve nearly finished it off already! If you wanted to compare it to another chocolate bar, its very much like the Cadbury Snack and obviously the Kit Kat.

There is a downside to this bar, however, and that is that its quite salty if you munch any great proportion of it in a quick go.

Overall rating: 60%

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