Charbonnel et Walker Vanilla Truffles

Sometimes I do really stupid things – like buy white chocolate vanilla truffles when I’m neither a fan of white chocolate nor vanilla. So I really shouldn’t be surprised when I found out that I didn’t like these Charbonnel et Walker truffles. Often I find their truffles a nice, but not exhilaration distraction to dark chocolate when I just need something sweet and bursting with flavour. Alas, these have been quickly moved into my “give to others” box I keep for people that have more of a sweet tooth than I do.

Of course Charbonnel et Walker truffles always look interesting and worth giving a go, but I don’t think I’d return to these, unlike their mint truffles. Even the aroma is sickly although the crunch through is pleasant but the centre throttled my taste-buds with the sweetness and there was a touch of a chemical edge to it, which was probably the vodka which I could taste on my lips. It’s only 0.6% so I don’t think you’ll have to worry about driving afterwards, but I could just sense something of that nature lurking behind the sugar and vanilla.

This truffle is not bad when you slowly nibble, but any more than one an evening would be far too much. I’ll give them quick rating of 55% as there isn’t really much more to say.

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