Charbonnel et Walker Dark Marc de Champagne Dark Chocolate Truffles

It seems an absolute age since I’ve reviewed anything from Charbonnel et Walker. In fact it was only two months ago since I realised I’m no real fan of vanilla after trying their latest white chocolate truffles (review here). Back then Victoria sent me over these dark chocolate Marc de Champagne truffles to see what I thought.

Of course they have the usual, distinctive box which seems to been replicated in a variety of different places, each of which, though, contains eight dark brown, almost perfectly spherical truffles which have been dusted in cocoa powder. I remembered the Galler truffles had a fairly unappetising overdose of dusting on their truffles, but thankfully, the layer of cocoa powder on these was kept to a minimum and serves not to distract you from the truffle centre.

Is it a far off planet?

Fans or Charbonnel will recognise the fairly crunchy and solid outer shell, and these have that typical feel, the but the couple I tried in this box had much more of an irregular thickness of coating than previous ones I reviewed. I’m actually a big fan of this sort of inconsistency as it leads every bite to be different. But in this circumstance I would have liked a much thicker, darker shell to juxtapose the very creamy, light, soft centre. If this was labelled as a standard chocolate truffle then I’d enjoy it greatly. But as it’s marked as a dark chocolate truffle I would have much preferred something with more bitterness.

They’re a nice treat as far as this part of the truffle market goes, but I was left wanting more. I know my wife will love them, but I’d just save the rest for a late night, guilty, rich chocolate fix.

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Quick Rating
  • 63% – nice but not as much of a bitter wow factor as I’d hoped.

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