Chai Masala Drinking Chocolate Flakes

It’s strange how many of us Brits become accustomed to craving hot drinking chocolate in the winter months when we just need warming up or to be soothed during our post-work  relaxation. And one thing I’ve never been into is to drink hot chocolate in warm sultry days such as these. That’ll change now having tried this wonderful combination of flavours which Jay and his team at Devnaa have created with their Chai Masala Drinking Chocolate Flakes.

The topic that most people raise when discussing hot chocolate is should you consume it made with just water or milk? Given that I didn’t have much milk left I was forced into a fifty-fifty arrangement. But I was never in doubt that it’d avoid the possibility of being weak or insipid because the list of ingredients included cinnamon, cardamom, clove and ginger – along with the milk chocolate. With that combination of flavours I think it actually helps having a more subdued background with half water.

I don’t know if anyone else has tried it, but I feel I could pick out each of those flavours and isolate them within my mouth as they just seemed to be ‘layered’ perfectly within my mouth. The ginger seemed to occupy the sides of my mouth whist there was a delicious sweetness from the cinnamon at the front and the cardamom offered a great, but no over-powering, kick at the back.

What’s more, there’s a fantastic cleansing feel whilst drinking it. With much drinking chocolate I feel like I’m consuming liquid sugar, but here I could easily see this replacing a good proportion of my normal tea-drinking habit.

Having never been to India (something I’d like to rectify soon) I’ve never seen the Chai Wallahs that serve tea on the streets, but after consuming this I feel I’m becoming increasingly more interested in Indian cooking and culture. This culture also inspired the packaging and their approach to ad-hoc dining with the use of Tiffins with the tall shape and handle that wraps around each side and over the top to hold the contents in place. I must admit the packaging is very ‘sharp’ and elegant. I fear it’s just too elegant for my cupboards which are filled to the brim average-looking stuff I just don’t need. I expect, therefore, I’ll just have to keep this in my chocolate room away from the hustle and bustle or every day cooking.

Overall, I’ve reviewed quite a fair few hot chocolate products from different retailers, and I think due to the interesting and refreshing flavours, it just has to be my favourite.

Where To Buy This Box Of Indian-Inspired Hot Chcoolate


Quick Review:
  • 79% – definitely worth the money


  • Jay sent me this hot chocolate to review


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