Appellation Sensations Wine Filled Dark Chocolates

These red wine filled dark chocolates were absolutely amazing, they tasted fantastic and were nice and gooey.

Mandarin & Ginger Fairtrade Chocolate Bar

The Mandarin & Ginger Fairtrade Chocolate Bar from the Organic Seed and Bean Company was a very nice chocolate bar indeed and well worth a try.

Cadbury Chocolate Peanuts

Who doesn't like Cadbury chocolate? Well as it is! These Cadbury Chocolate Peanuts were great, and I could eat them often.

Guylian Finest Belgian Chocolate Sea Shells

These Guylian Finest Belgian Chocolate Sea Shells are a big favourite of my wife, unfortunately I don't think there's enough chocolate flavour to them.

Plush Handcrafted Santa

The Plush Handcrafted Santa is an awesome fairtrade chocolate Christmas gift. It's cute and tasty with it!

Fairtrade Milk Chocolate Reindeer Droppings

These Fairtrade Milk Chocolate Reindeer Droppings were actually very tasty and a nice novelty chocolate Christmas gift.

Artisan du Chocolat Darjeeling TBar

The Darjeeling TBar Dark Chocolate Bar from Artisan du Chocolat was actually a wonderful bar of chocolate with unusal flavours. Give it a try.

Californian Fruit & Nut Bar

What a wonderful bar of chocolate this Californian Fruit & Nut Bar from My Chocolate Bar is. Delicious!

McDonalds Chocolate "Beligian Bliss" Brownie

Er there's nothing blissful about this McDonalds Chocolate Beligian Bliss Brownie. Give it a miss.

Zotter Sellerie, Trüffel und Portwein

At last, the last of my five quick reviews of some of the ‘Crazy’ Zotter chocolate bars and this one sees me investigate a bar that contains port wine, truffle and celery. Very strange indeed! Moving on from the visually appealing bar design I test the bar’s aroma which is yet again very...

Zotter Gelber Reis Mit Korinthen Dark Chocolate Bar

Another of my quick reviews of the slightly past their best before date Zotter bars and I’m on to this one, which in English reads as “yellow rice with currants”. Now I’m always told that you shouldn’t eat rice that’s been hanging around a bit as it attracts bacteria, but...

Zotter Zitronenpolenta

I had hoped for more from the Zotter Zitronenpolenta but it was actually not much to my liking.

Zotter Organic Bacon Bits Dark Chocolate Bar

This is one of Josef Zotter's most outrageous bars of chocolate. It obviously has bits of bacon in it, but it's actually very nice, if a touch salty.

Chic Choc Wafer Bar

The Chic Choc Wafer Bar is a very average mass-produced milk chocolate bar, there's nothing fantastic about it.