Monk Bar Chocolatiers – York

I visited the Monk Bar Chocolatiers in York to find out how good the chocolates were and how friendly the staff was.

Bon Bons of Leeds

If you're ever in Leeds check out the Bon Bons chocolate shop there.

Mystery Shopping

A mystery shopping trip looking for chocolate. How well did the chocolate shops do?

Fudge Kitchen – Bath

I just loved my trip to the Fudge Kitchen shop in Bath - I'd definitely head there again.

Mr Simms Old Sweet Shoppe, Bath

I wouldn't go out of my way to visit the Mr Simms Old Sweet Shoppe in Bath again.

The House Of Minerva – Bath

My visit to the Minerva chocolate shop in Bath, Avon was actually a very enjoyable experience - when I worked out what was where.

L’Artisan du Chocolat – 89 Lower Sloane Street

The L'artisan du chcoolat shop on Lower Sloane Street was much better than first impressions gave. The selection is imaginative and the prices reasonable.

William Curley – 198 Ebury Street Belgravia

The William Curley Chocolate Shop at 198 Ebury Street in Belgravia, London is a great place to buy chocolate and relax with a cuppa and a cake.

Prestat – 14 Princess Arcade

I had negative impressions of the brand before I went in the store, but left at least with a neutral view point. But, as well all know, the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

La Maison du Chocolat – 45-46 Piccadilly

I found the La Maison du Chocolate store cold and sanitised. The selection was limited and the staff unwelcoming.

Jeff De Bruges – 13 South Molton Street

The Jeff de Bruge store was a beautiful example of a chain chocolate store. There was good selection and friendly staff.

Paul A Young Fine Chocolates – Islington

I just loved my mystery shopping experience at Paul A. Young's chocolate shop in Islington, London. Everything about it was fantastic, and the chocolate creations are just out of this world!