Fruition Brown Butter 43% Milk Chocolate

There are few milk chocolates that make me absolutely weak at the knees. And even though this uses Dominican beans that can be a bit brutish and uncouth, the sweet, addictive flavours are simply out of this world. It’s made from what I expect is Concado DR beans along with browned butter from the...

Montezuma’s Peanut Butter Truffles

I wasn't supposed to like these. As they're made with peanut butter they should have tasted too salty and overpowered the chocolate, but thankfully they didn't.

Montezuma’s Organic Halloween Hamper

Just a quick look at what you get in the organic Halloween chocolate hamper from Montezuma's.

Corazon Del Ecuador Milk Chocolate – Red Star Chocolate

A lovely bar of milk chocolate, but something different from what you've tried before. Duffy has another winner in his hands.