Milk Chocolate Dirty Bunnies

Who doesn't want to give their children something different this year? If you did and it hast to be top quality then you've got to look at these from Rococo Chocolates. They're made with top quality ingredients and combine an intense sweetness with a delightful crunchy texture.

Rococo Lavendar Dark Chocolate Bar

I had hoped for some farily intense, interesting chocolate, but alas no. But I shouldn't expect all the chocolate I try to be full of flavour. Sublte is good some times.

Rococo Crystallised Ginger 65%

Do you like chocolate that only has the mildest of flavours but still has personality? If you do then you should really try this one out from Rococo.

Rococo Mixed Chocolates Medium Ballotin Box

Rococo are absolutely fantastic chocolatiers and if you ever get a chance to try their chocolates then you most certainly should do!

Rococo Valentines Chocolates

One of the things I love most about most about Rococo is their chocolate art. For every season or occasion Rococo have great, exceptional looking chocolate art that also manages to taste damn good and 2011 sees these purveyors of fine chocolates expand their range to offer even more romantic Valentines...

Hand-Painted Milk Chocolate Cow From Rococo

Rococo Chocolates always make chocolate art that you'll love to look at and eat. The price may put some off, but if you don't like the idea of this chocolate cow, then at least try something else they make.

Rococo Chocolates @ Chocolate Week

Rococo Chocolates certainly do get involved at Chocolate Week so if you're looking for something interesting to do mid-October then certainly keep an eye out for what they have planned.

Rococo Chocolates

Rococo Chocolates are one of my most favourite chocolate makers in the UK and should be visited if you're ever in London.

Hazelnut Quail’s Eggs By Rococo

There Hazelnut Quail's Eggs By Rococo were great, although they were sweet, I still loved them.

Rococo Jersey New Potatoes & Fresh Mint

These Rococo Jersey New Potatoes & Fresh Mint are absolutely fantastic and if you're looking for some luxury novelty chocolate gifts then these could be perfect.

Rococo Dark Chocolate Easter Egg with 3 Ganaches

Rococo do it again. Some fantastic looking and tasting chocolate that shouldn't be missed.

Rococo Chocolates – 5 Motcomb Street, Belgravia

Rococo has to be one of my most favourite destinations when I'm in London. Their staff are friendly and they chocolates fantastic.

Rococo Chocolates Traffic Jam

I loved the Rococo Chocolates Traffic Jam because they were so cute. They tasted ok, there was nothing out of this world about the milk chocolate.