Valentine’s Luxury at Hotel Chocolat

While chocolates are a popular Valentine’s Day gift, selecting this option for your loved one can end up being an after-thought if quality and presentation aren’t given top priority. From department store fare to small producers, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of different chocolates...

Thorntons Offers a Full Range of Valentine’s Chocolates

No matter what the occasion, chocolates are a popular gift-giving option. However, no celebration generates more sales of this creamy confection than the mid-February event known as Valentine’s Day. Though the holiday has been recognized since 500 AD, it wasn’t until the Middle Ages that the...

Patrick Roger 100% Dark Chocolate

I don't think I'd hunt out the Patrick Roger 100% bar again. It may not be as bitter as the Michel Cluizel Noir Infini 99%, but it still doesn't offer enough flavour for my liking.

Blyss Chocolate Ishpingo Mystery Single Bean Virgin Chocolate

This Blyss Chocolate Ishpingo Mystery Single Bean Virgin Dark Chocolate may be from Ecuador, but its actually better than most Ecuadorian chocolate that I've tried. The marketing is laid heavily - but its worth looking out for.

Divine Praline Milk Chocolate Hearts

These Divine Praline Milk Chocolate Hearts are salty but they don't have the usual crunchy texture that I just don't like, so that'd make them a good Valentines gift for people that like ethical chocolates.

Thorntons Haiti Mango Save The Children Milk Chocolate Bar

If you're looking for something to help with the charity work of Save The Children then you should really try this Thorntons Milk Chocolate Haiti Mango milk chocolate bar as it's excellent. Sweet it may be, but wholesome.

Chocri Personalised Dark Chocolate Bar

I most certainly wouldn't try this combination of a design-your-own chocolate bar from Chocri again. There's plenty of other more pleasent alternatives.

Cocoaloco Koska’s Blend Milk Chocolate Indian Summer Bar

The Cocoaloco Koska's Blend Milk Chocolate Indian Summer Bar is a delightful and sweet bar of chocolat with a wondeful, soft spicness that lifts the bar out of the ordinary.

Jean-Paul Hévin 64% Papua New Guinea

If you're looking for a slightly sweet dark chocolate bar with cherry tones then look no further than the Jean-Paul Hévin 64% Dark Chocolate Bar From Papua New Guinea.

Artisan du Chocolat Couture Collection

This Artisan du Chocolat Couture Collection is a very decent and enjoyable chocolate selection box. A great one for people that also want to try unusual falvours!

Amano Ocumare 30% Milk Chocolate Bar

This Amano Ocumare 30% Milk Chocolate Bar is just no where near as good as its dark chocolate cousin. There's no real chocolate taste and too much of saccharine to be anywhere near as good as the Amano reputation which preceeds it!

Flowers & Chocolates

This year seems to be a great deal better if you’re a bloke looking for Flowers and Chocolates with delivery by post for Valentine’s Day. Previously it seemed that most chocolate or flower retailers thought us men would just buy them from the garage on the way home from work. But now...

Amelia Rope Dark Lemon Chocolate Bar

Most of you probably wouldn't have heard of Amelia Rope - I hadn't until recently, but she has put her heart and soul into these bars. They're definitely well worth trying if you get the chance.

Schmerlings’ Rosemarie Cappuccino Swiss Milk Chocolate

This Schmerlings' Rosemarie Cappuccino Swiss Milk Chocolate has to be one of the worst bars of chocolate I've tried - but not quite as bad as Hershey chocolate. Only if you're very curious should you try this one.

Rococo Valentines Chocolates

One of the things I love most about most about Rococo is their chocolate art. For every season or occasion Rococo have great, exceptional looking chocolate art that also manages to taste damn good and 2011 sees these purveyors of fine chocolates expand their range to offer even more romantic Valentines...

Ben Tre Single Estate Dark Chocolate From Vietnam

This an absolutely delightful 70% dark chocolate bar from Thailand with great crispy flavours and a strong nose.

Valrhona Alpaco 66% Dark Chocolate Bar

This Valrhona Alpaco 66% Dark Chocolate Bar was a massive dissapointment. There's almost no flavour and the only characteristic is that of sweet slim fast milk shake.

Handmade Dulce de Leche Caramels

Thesse Handmade Dulce de Leche Caramels from The Chocolate Cafe are absolutely delicious, they're fragrant, soft, sweet and delightful.

Dartmoor Chilli Farm Dark Chilli Chocolate With Peppermint

Dartmoor Chilli Farm have produced a lovely 70% Dark Chilli Chocolate bar with a hint of Peppermint. It's very strong, so be warned.

Robineau Chocolate Selection Box

This Chocolate Selection Box from Robineau, who are based in Darlington is a wonderful and light offerring which is offers a more laid-back experience than many you'll find from the big names.

[Closed] Win A Hotel Chocolat Chocolatiers Table Selection Box Worth £48

This competition is now closed – currently picking a winner This Chocolatier’s Table Selection Box from Hotel Chocolat is one of the largest chocolate selection boxes I’ve seen and eaten. In fact, it took me a month to finish it off. I won’t give away the sizes as they’re the...

Ferrero Rocher Garden – Lemon Flavour

Ferrero Rocher is a well-known and much loved brand, but this fruity version is just terrible.

Artisan du Chocolat Congo Dark Chocolate Bar

Artisan du Chocolat are one of my favourite UK chocolate companies and have done a good job with this Congo 72% Single Origin Dark Chocolate Bar

Hand-Painted Milk Chocolate Cow From Rococo

Rococo Chocolates always make chocolate art that you'll love to look at and eat. The price may put some off, but if you don't like the idea of this chocolate cow, then at least try something else they make.

Zotter Choco Shot Whisky

If you're buying an unusual chocolate gift for a friend or loved-one and they like both whisky and chocolate then you should really try this curious gift from Zotter.

Matcha Masala Chai Salted Caramels

I just love what Katie does at Matcha Masala and these Chai Salted Caramels are a good example of what you can expect from her company.

Montezuma’s Christmas Hot Drinking Chocolate

This special edition Christmas hot drinking chocolate wasn't as special as I'd hoped it to be. There were some good Christmas notes, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Zotter Christmas Chocolate

Perhaps less Christmas and more lazing on a Barbados beach? But I did think it was a great boozy chocolate that you could share with your family at Christmas.

Plush Fairtrade White Chocolate Petals

These Plush Fairtrade White Chocolate Petals were pretty good, but I would have liked more raspberry flavour. For something to munch on whilst watching a film they were perfect, but not something to concisously enjoy.

The Real Meaning Of Christmas And The Chocolate Cafe

Generosity isn't just Children in need. Nor is suffering just represented by the news. Every single day a child is abused. Although chocolate can't solve anything. It can bring joy.

Geert Vercruysse Selection

Undoubtably one of my chocolate highlights of 2010. If you ever get the chance to try a Geert Vercruysse Selection I can assure you, you won't regret it!

Wittamer Classic Carré

These Wittamer Classic Carré didn't look too great, but the flavours and textures of the assortment was actually exceptional. My personal favourite was the pepper ganache.

Dark Chocolate Grand Marnier & Orange Truffles

These Dark Chocolate Grand Marnier & Orange Truffles weren't actually all that good, I've certainly had better.

The Sleekster Classic Christmas Selection – Luxe from Hotel Chocolat

The The Sleekster Classic Christmas Selection is a very good selection for people that want to give something stylish at Christmas but don't want to break the bank.

Mulled Berry Chocolate From Berry Scrumptious

This bag of mulled berry chocolate slabs are nice and mellow, but they will never give you a massive jolt of flavour. They're more like a mellow backdrop to Christmas.

Matcha Chocolat Winter Selection

The latest chocolate selection box from Matcha chocolat offers a delightful journey and experience and is absolutely perfect for a winter's night.

Tiddly Chocolate Reindeers From Hotel Chocolat

As chocolate stocking fillers for kids they do the job perfectly. I may be a touch put off by the price, but I am tight. But what I do know is I absolutely adore the flavour of the 40% milk chocolate.

The Choccies – The Best Chocolate Of 2010

A list of my favourite chocolate of 2010

Czekolada Deserowa With Peri Peri

This Polish chocolate might not be liked by all as it does have a dry texture and the chili is not so intense. It does, however, recreate to a degree how chocolate used to be a couple of centuries ago.

Vosges Mo’s Bacon Chocolate Bar

Whether I'd try the Vosges Mo's Bacon Chocolate Bar again is open to debate. The aroma was incredibly salty and strong but the milk chocolate and the juniper berries managed to restrict that flavour well. In the end I actually liked it, but not enough to buy it again.

Chocadores Hot Chocolate

This is my first try of the Chocadores hot chocolate and absolutely loved it. There are some good flavours coming through.

Matcha Chocolat Bergamot Cocoa Nib Milk Chocolate Shards

Definitely give these bergamot and cocoa nib milk chocolate shards if you want some chocolate that is full of flavour whilst you watch a film or entertain friends.

Personalised M&M’s

For my sins I’m a huge fan of M&M’s as they’re the perfect confectionary to munch away on when you’re watching TV or a film. And with Love Hearts being so last century it’s about time someone stood up and offered us some great personalised confectionary to give loved ones at...

Pierre Marcolini Palets Fins and Saveurs du Monde

These Pierre Marcolini Palets Fins and Saveurs du Monde are gave me one of the best chocolate experiences of my life.

[Closed] Win A Thorntons I Love Chocolate Hamper

A competition to win a chocolate hamper from Thorntons.

Montezuma’s Revenge Lime, Chilli and Tequila Truffles

Montezuma's Revenge Lime, Chilli and Tequila Truffles weren't all that bad to be honest and they do some other good chocolate if you'd like to try them out.

Mast Brothers Chocolate Can Be Bought Online In The UK

News has reached me that you can now buy Mast Brothers chocolate in the UK online. Previously you could only buy it in store from the wonderful Paul A. Young, but now the revamped Chocolate Society are selling it online, and for only £8.95 a bar (which I’d say is ludicrously low price). Currently...

Café-Tasse Extra Noir

The Café-Tasse Extra Noir was far from being as good as I thought it would be. It really should have had more flavour.

Swiss Champagne Truffles From Bon Bons of Leeds

the Swiss Champagne Truffles From Bon Bons were far from being as good as I hoped!

Pralus Barre Infernale Lait

The Pralus Barre Infernale Lait was an incredible bar of milk chocolate, even if it was adulterated by nuts.