Porcelana is so named for the near white colour on its interior surface. However, the nibs are still of regular cacao colour. Originally called Maracaibo, Porcelana beans are one of the rarest cacao beans in the world. Once considered to be amongst the finest high-quality cacaos in the world, Porcelana is not very resistant to disease, resulting in the near extinction of certain varieties of the bean. The existing hybrids of the Mexican and Columbian varieties are inferior in quality. The prized Venezuelan variety however, with its distinct almond flavour, is used in the production of some of the highest quality chocolate bars distributed throughout the world. Porcelana bars are deemed one of the finest chocolate bars available upon the market and are produced by only the greatest chocolatiers in the business. In addition to the traditional almond flavour, Porcelana bars are also produced in strawberry, cream, and butterscotch flavours. Some of the producers of the fine and rare Porcelana bar include Pierre Marcolini, Domori, Amedei, and Valrhona.

Rózsavölgyi Csokolade Porcelana 71%

Although I loved the simplicity and clarity of this bar of chocolate by Rózsavölgyi Csokolade I still feel that sometimes Porcelana chocolate can still be a touch too mild. I do prefer chocolate to have a touch more character. But as something to relax with then you can't really fault it.

Pierre Marcolini Kendem Lembu Java

Although this bar from Pierre Marcolini isn't from an unusual source, it comes across as a fairly rustic bar of dark chocolate more akin to a chocolate maker that doesn't use soya lecithin.

Idilio Origins 74% Porcelana

I really don't know how people are going to get their hands on this bar. But try you must. Pack your bags, leave a note and head off to the continent. Your journey will be rewarded with some delightful chocolate.

Pierre Hermé Tablette Chocolat Noir Pure Origine Venezuela Porcelana

If you're looking for an intense bar of dark chocolate then give this Pierre Herme 70% Porcelana a miss as its subtle beyond belief. It may be fruity, but there's not much else going on.

Domori Porcelana 70% Dark Chocolate Bar

The Domori Porcelana 70% Dark Chocolate Bar is truly a wonderful bar of dark chocolate made with the Porcelana Criolllo cacao bean from Venezuela. It is delicious, but not very bitter or a wide range of notes.