Caribeans en Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

A couple of years ago I tried to buy some chocolate from Caribeans but they seemed to get lost in the post. But now having found the Chocolate Craft website in Costa Rica which offers chocolate from a variety of local growers and makers I thought I’d give them another go – along with some other bars. So now I have their ‘Special Reserve’ 72% to try out.

Caribeans Special Reserve

It seems the trend in Costa Rica is to offer small bars in either 25g or 30g format. For me to use them as a review sample I do need more as I like to try them out over a few days and see how they appeal at various times of the day and night. I’m now left with a ‘square’ and a half to write up what I think of it.

Caribeans Special Reserve out of the Wrapper

What does come time mind is that this is a chocolate that you just cannot put your finger on. Sometimes it has strong hints of a soft and gentle Porcelana but then I get dusty, unsophisticated. fruity Pez flavours which dance into a harsh acidity and then back into the sweetness and then on to pepper. For the last few weeks I’ve been longing for a chocolate that could take me on journey but I’ve only met with ‘straight bat’ chocolate that may deliver a wonderful flavour, but that flavour has often been absolutely singular.

The first bite might have been a bit ‘direct’ for some, but subsequent morsels are simply delicious. Perhaps this has even become my favourite chocolate of the year? I think this is one to get in bulk – eventually.

You can check out this chocolate here.

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  • Hi Lee. Yes, Caribeans Chocolate is delightful, and the great thing is that it comes with numerous flavour enhancements. When I was in Puerto Viejo, I’m sure I bought at least 10 different flavours of Caribeans bars. Love the Espresso infused bar!