Capra Goats Cheese in Cacao & Rum

I know the chocolate relationship here is a bit tenuous but this goats cheese has apparently been aged in chocolate and rum – and if that isn’t the perfect combination then I don’t really know what is. Of course, this isn’t the first time I’ve had blue cheese and chocolate as I’ve had the Stilton truffle from Paul A. Young, but it is the first actual block of cheese I’ve reviewed on this chocolate blog.

If you wanted to buy some you can from the Sardinian Gourmet Food site: Vallebona. I think I came across it whilst researching some of the Academy of Chocolate winners and just couldn’t resist buying some when I saw it. I know its pricey at £9.88 for 0.2kg, but what the heck, you only live once, I’m not going to find it in my local supermarket am I?

One of my guilty pleasures is having blue cheese on digestives. But after thinking I bought some, I actually realised I bought Rich Tea biscuits instead (don’t ask!), so I’m giving this chocolate cheese and initial run out on some Carr’s Table Water Crackers – I hope that’s acceptable to the cheese aficionados amongst you.

When the box with the cheese in it arrived it came wrapped with a load of isothermal cooling material which is a great sign as cheese warmed by our current weather isn’t all that palatable! It’s really great to see people treat their produce with this much care, and the first time I’ve seen it since I received the Marcolini Palets Fins.

Visually the cheese was absolutely perfect, as if it wasn’t real or even a delicious banoffee pie. I couldn’t get over how delightful it looked. But the aroma put any thoughts of me just admiring its appearance to the back of my mind. I let it get to room temperature and then sliced piece after piece off and lapped up the delicious flavours.

To me this is perfect blue cheese. It’s not as pungent as the various French creations I’ve tried. Instead it is a touch more soft, more fruity, if you will. I couldn’t pick up any noticeable rum flavours at first. But if you sit in a quiet room and let your senses explore then you’ll pick it up at the end. Andhaving consumed more than my volume in rum over the years, it’s a very pleasant sensation indeed.

I admit I couldn’t pick up the very soft cocoa nib flavour. But that’s probably because of the whey/moisture as it escapes from the cheese in the ageing process. Trying this cheese was an immensely satisfying experience. Of course there’s not much chocolate involved, but still, any excuse to try such fine produce.

Where To Buy This Rum Soaked Blue Goat’s Cheese?

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