Canderel Dark Chocolate

Canderel Dark Chocolate Packaging

On the side of the packaging it says “pure chocolate”. I prefer to describe this bar as ‘pure crap’. If you’re going to buy a bar of chocolate then don’t buy it with something included that completely obliterates the true chocolate flavour. If you want diabetic or sugar free chocolate virtually every main chocolate retailer has something for you, don’t buy this rubbish because it’s got Canderel on the packaging.

Canderel Dark Chocolate Blooming

The first whiff I got of it made me feel ill. It smells fake and unappetising. What also shocked me was that it had somehow bloomed. From what I know blooming occurs when sugar and moisture are brought to the surface from extreme changes in temperature and the water evaporates. It looks like Canderel must react in the same way. Whatever, the cause it didn’t excite me on first inspection.

So neither the aroma or the visuals could make react positively. But what about the flavour? There basically wasn’t any other than cardboard that may have had hot chocolate poured over it. And the texture was dry and brittle to the extreme. I won’t even continue with this review other than to give it a rating of “avoid’ – I don’t think I could even give it a numerical score.

Lee McCoy

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