Hotel Chocolat Calvados Apples

Many chocolate companies stick with what works and just keep taking their customers money. Others will try to innovate and encourage their customers to revisit their stores on a regular basis to see what’s new. Hotel Chocolat is certainly one of the latter companies. Personally, I love to see what creations they come up with each season. Of course they’ll do the huge crackers and mince pies but sometimes they’ll offer something gorgeous, but not necessarily synonymous with Christmas – and that’s certainly the case with these Calvados apples.

As you open the tin

If I’m offered a packet, tub or box of anything chocolate-covered I’ll be there like a shot. Add alcohol into the mix and I’ll walk over hot coals to try them. But these pieces of apples soaked in Calvados and then covered in 30% cocoa solids chocolate are beyond fantastic.

For your, or preferably somebody else’s £8.50 you’ll get 150g of little chocolate delights and each piece seems to be different. Each offers a sweet richness. The apple brandy certainly does stand out and warm the throat as they go down, but also the apple pieces themselves have a good, solid, sweet flavour and a texture that does offer some resistance and do feel real rather than faux as most supermarket chocolates do.

I do love how the odd piece feels more alcoholic than the other and they do feel suitably indulgent as you would hope at this time of year. The question remains though: are these too good to gift or should you just keep them for yourself? I’m with the selfish approach where these things are concerned.

Quick Rating
  • 76% – perfect for Christmas, very moreish until the fifth of six then you will need to take a break


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