Callebaut Chocolate

Callebaut Chocolate

In 1850 Eugenius Callebaut founded a brewery company in Wieze, Belgium. In 1911, Callebaut began producing chocolate bars. Chocolate coverture followed in 1925. Callebaut merged with rival chocolatier, Cacao Barry, in 1996 and formed Barry Callebaut. With headquarters in Switzerland and offices still in Belgium, Callebaut has numerous other locations, including British Columbia, Ontario, Alberta, the United States, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Callbaut should not be confused with Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut in Calgary, Albeta and owned by Bernard Callebaut, Eugenius’ great-great grandson.

Callebaut Chocolate

Barry Callebaut offers more than 1600 recipes and a large range of quality chocolates and confections. More than 150 years of experience are packed into Callebaut’s fine chocolate products. Callebaut offers standard, specialty and tailor-made chocolates with a wide range of choice.

Callebaut’s standard chocolates include a wide range of dark chocolate, creamy milk chocolates and sweet white chocolate.

Specialty Chocolate

Callebaut’s specialty chocolate products are made in a wide range of exciting flavor combinations and textures. Their single origin chocolates or organic fair trade cocoa is available in a variety of chocolate confections. Specialty products also include cocoa nibs, flavoured chocolates and fruit and nut mixtures. In addition, Callebaut also specially produces quality chocolates for well-being, sugar free and probiotic chocolate. Some of Callibaut’s health related chocolate recipes also include natural ingredients such as honey in the making of this luxuriously healthy chocolate.

Tailor-made products

Callebaut will readily, upon request, develop customized recipes to meet the needs of the customer. On request, the company will produce chocolates made to your own specifications regarding the use of raw materials and ingredients, technical specifications, composition, and personal taste preferences.

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Barry Callebaut Offices

The original Calelbaut site was near Wieze:

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But the new, merged, company has headquarters in Zurich:

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