Californian Fruit & Nut Bar

When I ordered my wedding favours from My Chocolate Bar, they very nicely included a Californian Fruit & Nut Bar as well for me to review. Well, the wedding is over, the honeymoon just a memory but it’s good to get back in the chocolate reviewing saddle with a wonderfully interesting bar of chocolate.

I’ve reviewed some great fruit and nut chocolate in form of the Hotel Chocolat Fruit & Nut Chocolate Wreath, some nice as the William Curley Fruit and Nut was and some poor as the Waitrose Fruit and Nut was. But this bar had the right balance of darkish chocolate and ingredients. Sometimes either the fruit or the nut over-powers the chocolate or each bite is basically the same, but with this bar you won’t know what you’re going to get until you start each bite.

You might think that £5.50 is a bit expensive for a bar of fruit and nut. You might be right, but I’ve seen no fruit and nut bar that’s delivered in such great packaging and then when you remove it from the box you’re met with another ribbon bound bar of chocolate. These guys really do ensure that you can give chocolate as a present without having to worry about wrapping it!

I’ve got to stop munching my way thought it and to save it for other people as I want them to enjoy it too.

You can get yourself one from My Chocolate Bar online.


Taste: 87% – lovely and rich with each mouthful a different experience.

Texture: 90% – the perfect balance of textures, crucnhiness and every other feeling you can think of.

Appearance: 95% – their chocolates always look fab!

Price: 69% – it may be a touch much if you just focused on the chocolate. But if you allow yourself to look at the packaging and the overall experience then its very good value.

Nutritional Information: 65% – Again they’re not Cadbury and can’t really justify spending a lot of money getting the chocolate researched by scientists.

Overall: 81.2%

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