Cailler Chocolatatier

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Cailler Chocolatier

In 1819 Francois-Louis Cailler opened the first chocolate making factory in Switzerland. After spending four years learning the fine art of producing chocolate in Turin, Italy, Cailler returned to Switzerland to open his first shop near Vevay, in Corsier. A second factory was established in 1825, which was later purchased by his son, Julian, and son-in-law, Daniel Peter. Cailler’s greatest innovation was a delightfully smooth chocolate that was formed into bars. The idea quickly became a sensation all over the world. In 1875, Daniel Peter combined Cailler’s quality chocolate with his neighbour, Henri Nestle’s condensed milk to produce a deliciously smooth and creamy milk chocolate. Cailler soon merged with Charles Amedee Kohler, known for the invention of hazelnut chocolate, and were later purchased by manufacturing giant, Nestle, in 1929.

Chocolate Tablets

In addition to Cailler’s creamy Milk Chocolate and Hazelnut Almonds, they also produce a number of other exciting and delicious chocolate tablets.

Cremant—A smooth and silky milk chocolate perfect for baking.

Chocmel—Milk, honey and almond chips meet to create a deliciously crispy and creamy delight that ill dance on your tongue.

Rayon Lait—Creamy and light milk chocolate with honey and almond chips. Air bubbles throughout the chocolate give this tablet a light-hearted and airy feel.

Rayon Blanc—The air bubbles throughout this delicious tablet give an air of sophistication to this white chocolate with honey and almond chips.

Other Chocolate by Cailler

Cailler’s produces a variety of other delicious chocolate products, including an assortment of pralines and a dessert chocolate consisting of gianduja and milk chocolate. Their Sublim, a delightful square of chocolate that combines fine Swiss chocolate with crushed cocoa beans for a taste sensation that will simply melt in your mouth, is available in a number of varying flavor combinations.

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  • Patrick Robertson

    You claim that Cailler was the first to produce chocolate that could be made into bars. Chocolate Menier claims they were the first to do this in 1836 and Fry’s say they were the first in 1847. So was Cailler producing eating chocolate earlier than Chocolat Menier or Fry’s? If so, can you tell me the exact date please? (Not 1819, because that was drinking chocolate.)