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Caffarel ChocolatesEstablished in the Piedmont region of Italy in 1826, Caffarel offers a wide variety of quality chocolate confections in shops worldwide. Pier Paul Caffarel first opened the small shop in the old Turin city and combined his passion for chocolate and his flair for business into one of the best confectionaries in Italy. Today, Caffarel still creates a delightful harmony of traditional ingredients and exquisites flavours in its wonderful chocolate creations.

Caffarel Chocolate Classics

Among the famous chocolate creations that have made Caffarel famous are the following:

Classic Gianduiotto—A sweet and smooth boat shaped chocolate creation made from cacao, sugar and Piedmont hazelnuts. Also available in Plain Chocolate Gianduiotto, which contains a higher percentage of cacao.

Mandorlotto—A variation of the classic Gianduiotto with almonds instead of hazelnuts.

Classic Nocciolotto—Another variation of the Gianduiotto with crunchy hazelnuts and velvety chocolate. The Plain Chocolate Nocciolotto is made from quality dark chocolate.

Piemonte—A delicious chocolate bar made from quality Giandui chocolate and perfectly toasted Piedmont hazelnuts.

Croccante Gentile—An exquisite chocolate bar consisting of crunchy Piedmont hazelnuts and smooth caramel covered in a layer of delicious milk chocolate.

Other Cafferel Chocolate Products

Nocciolotto Snack—Four whole hazelnuts covered in Gianduia chocolate to create a simply delicious bar. The Nocciolotto Snack is available in both milk and dark chocolate.

Caffarellino—A mini crisp wafer cone filled with Gianduia cream, puffed rice and extra-dark chocolate. It is also available in a dark chocolate variety with plain chocolate cream.

Maxi Cremino—A mouth-watering combination of Gianduia chocolate, Piedmont hazelnuts, Bari almonds, Sorrento walnuts and Bronte Pistachios.

Chocolate Bars—Caffarel’s wide range of quality chocolate bars includes such classics as milk and Gianduia chocolate, combinations with almonds or hazelnuts and a delicious variety of dark chocolate and orange. Additionally, Caffarel offers 70% and 80% dark chocolate bars.

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