Café-Tasse Extra Noir

Café-Tasse Extra Noir 77% Packaging

I couldn’t tell you where I got this Café-Tasse Extra Noir 77% dark chocolate bar but I think I got it in Scotland this summer and paid about 80p for it. I bought it because I love these handy sizes of dark chocolate that allow you to have a fix of dark chocolate in much the same way as some people reach for a bar of Mars, Cadbury or Nestle products when they’re out and about.

Even though it’s only a small 45g bar of chocolate, I found it incredibly difficult to separate one piece away from the other five. The join between each block is quite thick and you do need a good bit of pressure.

Café-Tasse Extra Noir 77% Mould

The aroma didn’t offer anything exciting. It had a chocolate powder tone to it which I don’t actually like too much. Whilst the flavour was dominated but the skimmed milk powder ingredient with a noticeable processed sugar edge. The actual chocolate flavour was minimal and was more reminiscent of mass-produced dark chocolate I remember my mother getting from Tesco when she’d choice the cheapest dark chocolate she could find – usually made by Lindt.

Café-Tasse Extra Noir 77% Texture

For me there wasn’t enough of a chocolate flavour, even though it was 77% cacao mass. The bar was pretty much one-dimensional, there was no kaleidoscope of flavours which was delivered in a dry texture. I didn’t even notice the melt as my mind was pretty much focused on the lack of the lack of flavour.

I don’t know if anyone else has tried any, as I might have just had a bar from a dodgy batch, but if you have, could you let me know how it tasted.

I’m going to give a quick review here as there’s not enough to get excited about. The score is 40%. Sorry.

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