Cadbury’s Wishes

What do you wish for at Christmas? Well I expect some top-notch chocolate treats. So would your wish come true if you were given one of these in your Stocking Filler? If you mix bubbly chocolate and a truffle centre then I’m sure you’ll be onto a winner if you like very sweet confectionery.

In essence they’re not too bad if you look at them that way. But if you’re a gourmet chocolate lover then you’ll most probably be left with a sugar rush after consuming half of one of these chocolate stars. It’s staggering that each one is actually 55% sugar – for me that’s way too much. But as an occasional treat, then its not too bad- its not like its Christmas every day!

The bubbly part of it is not too bad as its very much like an Aero, but the truffle part of it is just over the top in my mind.

You can get these chocolate stars from Tesco for 65p each or a mix and match two for £1. But I’m sure you can get them from most other supermarkets too. I just don’t think I’ll be buying any.

Lee McCoy

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