Cadbury’s Halloween Trick or Treat Hamper

We’ve seen many fairly expensive Halloween chocolates out this year so I thought I should have a look at what the cheaper end of the market had to offer. So I parted with £13 of my own money as well as for £5.50 postage. I know that sounds daft, but I’m sure many parents will be spending a lot more of Halloween trick or treat chocolates for their kids which would make the postage costs less dramatic.

But what do you get for your £13? Well you get a fairly robust box in the famous Cadbury’s purple filled to the brim with trick or treat chocolates. You’ll get six Cadbury Screme eggs, two bags of dead heads, a bag of Natural Confectionery Company cauldron treats, a Goody bag, about 22 treat size gems such as Dairy Milk Buttons, Curly Wurly and Cadbury’s Chomps – I know it’s no artisan chocolate – but that is a pretty damn good price if you ask me! I’ll go through and review the more unusual Halloween chocolates separately and see what they’re like.

They do sell larger gift hampers with a big variety of chocolate treats inside, but I plumped for the cheapest just to get an idea of what have on offer. Cadbury’s do have a good selection of Halloween chocolates to choose from.

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