Cadbury’s Christmas Chocolates For Children

What’s the quickest and easiest way of getting all the chocolates you’ll possibly need for children this Christmas? Well the answer has to be Cadbury Gifts Direct!! These guys are amazing!!! Not only because they sent me their “Festive Favourites Chocolate Gift Box” but because they’ve got chocolates for all the family at very reasonable prices!

In the “Fesitive Favourites” gift box you get all this for just £15.50:1x Snowman Med Selection Pack, 1x Snowbites 100g, 10 x Magical Elves, 1 x Christmas CDM Chunks Carton 201g,1 x Christmas CDM Buttons Tube 100g, 1x Heroes 220g, 1x Roses 220gCalendar, 1x 59.6g Cadbury Chocolate Coin Net which I think would be much better value than the supermarkets, and its always nice to get things delivered at Christmas!

Now, I’ve never seen these Magical Elves before, I was thinking about saving the entire box for Christmas, but I took a sneaky peak at these. I just love them. They’re little chocolate bars with “magical” popping candy in them! They’re absolutely amazing. I know they won’t be expensive by themselves, so if you don’t buy this gift box, then you should really try and hunt them out somewhere!

You often get these chocolate selection boxes and Christmas wouldn’t be the same without them. In this one you get a Flake, a Crunchie, a Chomp, a Fudge and Dairy Milk Buttons – happy days!!! They’re all great for a little treat with a cuppa when you’re looking at the darkness in the early afternoon!!

You also get a square tube filled with small bags of chocolate buttons which would be great for pack lunches. But I doubt very much they’ll last to when the kids go back to school. It’s my view that you just can’t go wrong with chocolate buttons so any chocolate gift box with them is going to be greatfully recieved.

And then we also have these Dairy Milk chunks to enjoy. They’ll probably be a big favourite with any adult, so squirrel them away if you fancy them. There’s enough there for a couple of sittings so don’t waste them on distant relations – keep them for yourself!

Then there’s Cadbury Roses which just is the definition of Christmas. You just can’t have a Christmas afternoon without a box or tin of these doing the rounds. They’re essential.

And for those with slightly different tastes there’s the Cadbury Heroes too which have some great variety chocolates in them.

They also have the Cadbury Snow Bites which I absolutely loved and you have to try!

You can get them direct from Cadbury Gifts Direct.

And if you wanted to try some other Cadbury Christmas Chocolates then here’s some other ideas!

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