Cadbury’s Koko Easter Egg

Cadbury's Koko Easter Egg

The people at CadburysKoko Easter egg isn’t all that enjoyable. My general problem with Cadbury’s chocolate, may not only be all the stuff going on at corporate level (that’s a topic I’ll be approaching next month), but actually the quality of their chocolate.

Cadbury's Koko Easter Egg

Nestle produces milk chocolate at the 25% minimum cacao level, whilst it seems all of Cadbury’s milk chocolate is at the 20% mark – and it shows. The colour of the egg is very pale compared to other milk chocolate eggs, it’s almost approaching a sandy colour, whilst the aroma is more sweet that chocolaty. For people who only enjoy the holiday equivalent of Butlins Minehead then you perhaps don’t know what you’re missing? To those people, this isn’t chocolate. To anyone that’s had a wide range of chocolate experiences, this is hardly even confectionary.

As an experiment I stabbed the egg with a pair of scissors to test what sort of resistance it had, and it was almost like play dough – there was hardly any at all. The egg just fell to pieces with no brittleness I’d expect from “proper chocolate”. And that’s a shame, but is an indicator of the sheer volume of vegetable fat in it, and why I just don’t rate it.

In terms of flavour, this one had less of a cardboard flavour compare to the previous, but it still was massively dominated by sugar and that’s about it. Even the feel on the teeth was horrible and set them on edge. As I’ve just walked 4.22m in the sun I need a sugar boost, and would eat almost anything, but I just can’t bring myself to having any more of this egg.

But what gets me more is that it comes with “five sumptuously smooth milk chocolate truffles”. I’m sorry but they’re average at best. Just like the rest of the egg they contain too much sugar. But at least they have a better feel in the mouth.

The thing is people will love it, and they’re perfectly entitled to, it’s just not for me.

Where To Buy This Koko Easter Egg
  • Cadburys
  • You’ll also be able to find it in most supermarkets

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