Cadbury’s Halloween Chocolate Gifts And Trick Or Treat

Cadbury Halloween Chocolate Gifts

Cadbury Gifts Direct have a range of scary Halloween Chocolate Gifts which are perfect for kids or as cheap ways to give trick or treat chocolates that you know will go down well. They don’t seem to have as much choice as they do for those looking for chocolate stocking fillers, but what they do offer should hit the mark. Here’s what they’ve got:

Halloween Chocolate GiftThis Halloween gift hamper is choc-full of trick or treat chocolates, in fact it’s got about 50 smalls bars that include: Chomp and Fudge, 4x 80g New Cadbury Dead Heads, Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel, Crunchie and Cadbury Dairy Milk. Basically they’ve included some of the scary dead heads and some of the usual favourites.

The chocolates come in an orange tub that you can keep by the door and the whole lot costs £13.50 which isn’t bad value.

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Halloween Chocolate HamperThis Halloween chocolate hamper has a slightly different mix of chocolates to the other one, but still has 50 treat-sized bars plus 50 Treat size bars, 1x 180g TNCC Spooky Treats, 1x 180g TNCC Cauldron Mix and 2x 80g Cadbury Dead Heads Bags. But with this one you get two Halloween bags from The Natural Confectionary Company who I assume is in some way related to Cadbury’s?

In total this Halloween chocolate hamper is £13 which doesn’t seem too bad value to be honest.

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Halloween Treasure BoxIf you wanted to spend a little less and didn’t mind not having the orange plastic tub then this Halloween selection may be more appropriate. I’ve had these sort of boxes before and they’re very sturdy so if you do want to keep them by the door then that’ll be good, but they also make great boxes to give as a gift as they are fairly attractive.

In the box you’ll get the dead heads, the sweets from The Natural Confectionary Company and a good selection of treat-sized chocolate bars and comes to £9.

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Trick or Treatsized?And if you wanted to spend a little less then you can get the orange bucket full of treat-sized chocolates. In fact there’s about 50 of them which should last the night- depending on how busy your neighbourhood is! I’m not sure if this is the best value out of the three, but it’s worth thinking about. Whatever you go for, they’ll be perfect for Trick or Treat chocolates.

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Alternative Halloween Chocolate Shops

You could try:

  • Hotel Chocolat – more expensive than Cadbury’s but a great range of Halloween chocolates for the family and kids.
  • Montezuma’s – they’ve got some great looking Halloween chocolate treats that really do catch the eye. They also label them as being suitable for vegetarians, gluten free and organic etc.
  • Thorntons – have a very limited selection.
  • Artisan du Chocolat – they do some Bloody Berry dark chocolate drip for £6.50 or a white chocolate skull for £25.
  • Rococo do some luxury Halloween chocolate treats that are worth considering.

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