Cadburys Chocolate Christmas Gifts

What do I love about Cadbury Chocolate Christmas Gifts? Well to me Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a tin of Cadbury’s roses! What Cadbury’s Gift Direct is that they understand that people not only want their family favourites and a great variety of gift boxes or hampers to choose from but also they want fantastic value for money.

I just did a search on “Roses” on their website and 18 different chocolate hampers or gift boxes were available!

The cheapest they have is the HEROES & ROSES goft box which costs £8.50 and contains a 400g box of Cadbury Roses chocolates and a 400g of Heroes which basically miniture versions of their popular chocolates. The recipient will also get a personalised message in the box.

They also do a cute cow gift box which basically is the Heroes and Roses box but with a cute Cadbury cow! For the same price you can have the Festive Favourites which includes so many of their great Christmas chocoaltes as well as some of the usual suspects in their selection packs. But its the Snow Bites that I’m sure you’ll love, I did. You also get the Roses, Hereo’s, Chocolate Buttons and some other great chocolate bars.

They also do a luxury version of the Cadbury Roses with a bottle of white wine for £16 which are great if you’re looking for a more sophisticated chocolate gift. You can also have this gift in red wine and with Milk Tray instead of Luxury Roses.

You could also try the Cadbury’s Chocolate Feast 2009 which includes a 200g Milk Tray Box, a box of Cadbury’s Roses, Heroes, A Dairy Milk Bar, A Bar of Turkish Delight Dairy Milk and a 5 pack each of Flake and Crunchie!

If you wanted to give flowers with your Cadbury’s chocolate gifts, then why not try their Flake Moments Flowers which has a great big box of Cadbury Flake Moments and a boquet of Chrysanthemums, Eucalyptus and Carnations and isn’t bad value at £25 and you can get the Flake Moments with luxury red roses to for £29.50.

Now we start getting on to the big chocolate gift hampers and where you’ll start to get the bigger savings. The £30 Sharing Pack is fantastic value as you get 1 x 200g Milk Tray gift box; 1 x 220g Roses carton; 1 x 500g Cadbury Chocolate Eclairs carton; 1 x Treatsize Box (contains 100 x Treatsize Cadbury chocolate bars and packs); 1x 150g Cadbury Chocolate Clusters; 1x 117g Mint Snaps; 1x 140g Cadbury Dairy Milk Wholenut; 1 x Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel 140g. Now that should make anyone’s Christmas extra special having all that!

For the same price they also do a Gift Hamper that has biscuits in too.

And if you’re buying chocolates for your work collegues then you why not consider getting the CHOCOLATE TEAM SHARE which has a whole heap of Chocolates in it including 1 x 200g Cadbury Luxury Roses Chocolates; 1 x 400g Roses carton; 1 x 400g Heroes; 1 x 500g Cadbury Chocolate Eclairs carton;1x 200g Cadbury Chocolate Peanuts, 1x 200g Cadbury Chocolate Raisins, 1x 150g Cadbury Chocolate Clusters;1 x Cadbury Dream 200g Bar; 1 x Cadbury Dairy Milk 230g Bar; 4x 117g Cadbury Snaps (Milk, Orange, Caramel & Mint); 1 x 140g Cadbury Turkish Delight Bar. Is that enough? There’s lloads there and great for £30 – considering you wouldn’t have to carry it around the shops!

But its the “A Christmas Cracker” for £50 that offers the best value for money. Its got loads of chocolates in it! Just look what its got in it: 1x Winter Selection Box, Santa Selection Box, Treatsize Bonanza Box(100 treatsize bars), Cadbury Snaps Cartons, Licquorice Allsorts 600g, Jelly Babies 600g, Milk Tray 200g, 220g Roses Carton, Heroes 220g Carton, CDM Christmas Chunks Carton 201g, New Cadbury Clusters 150g, New Caramel Nibbles 175g, Cadbury Chocolate Coins 59.6g, Cadbury Dairy Milk Bar 230g, CDM Turkish Bar.

Check out the Cadbury’s Gift Direct website for more information. And there’s some quick gift ideas below.

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