A Chronological Look At Cadbury’s Chocolate Adverts

[three_fourth_last]So Cadbury have banned their own Flake advert for being too sexy. So how sexy have they become? We look back at 50 years of Cadbury adverts below. What do you think of them and how many do you remember?


Zingolo Advert – September 23rd 2009

This advert was to promote their new Fair Trade status. It was pretty funky, and another in the WTF category! It’s pretty damn cool though!

Eyebrows Advert January 23rd 2009

Not my favourite Cadbury’s advert to be honest. The first time you see it you have the same thought as the Gorilla one, but after a while it gets a bit boring. Perhaps it’s because that girl looks like trouble?

Cadbury Creme Egg Bar

How short is that? I never tried the bars anyway!


Airport Advert – April 2nd 2008

Not my favourite this one. There’s too much going on. If I wanted a Need For Speed moment I’d get my Xbox 360 out!

Joss Stone Flake Advert

She’s cute, but should she be doing chocolate adverts?


Gorilla Advert Aug 31st 2007 – UK

Phil Collins has to be one of the greatest musical artists of all time. In The Air Tonight is one of my most favourite inspirational tunes to listen to when you need a kick up the backside. The first time I saw it I was thinking “what the heck is going on here?” Does Cadbury’s have anything to do with Gorillas? Well I don’t think their chocolate is supported by the Rain Forrest Alliance, but at least it is now FairTrade Chocolate.


Another short and sweet Creme Egg


Cadbury’s Boost Advert

Vic and Bob what a comedy duo. The advert wasn’t bad either!


Cadbury’s Wispa Gold Advert

It’s the caramel boyo! I’m not the biggest fan of this bar. But I know loads of you love it!


Cadbury’s Parrot Advert

Ha – what a snooker player. Not the best actor. But still a funny advert!


Cadbury’s Creme Egg

The “How Do You Do it” question became incredibly popular! This was some more marketing genius from Cadbury!


Cadbury’s Strollers Advert

Wow! I remember the advert, but when did they stop making the Strollers?

Cadbury’s Time Out Advert

I don’t think House would have one of these tucked into his white coat! They weren’t all that bad though!


Cadbury’s Picnic Advert

Ahh I remember this advert now. A bit too peanuty for me though!


Cadbury’s Milk Tray Advert

This one was a big step forward to the Milk Tray Adverts from the 1960’s and 1970’s in terms of sensuality. In this one they change “All because the lady loves Mil Tray” to “All because the Lady Loves Cadbury’s Milk Tray”. Personally I don’t think they need to do that!


Oooh! I so love Cadbury’s Crunchies! And this is another tune that sticks in the brain.

Cadbury’s Mirages Advert

Ooh! I remember this one now! The tune is a bit naff, and it doesn’t really say much!

Cadbury’s Spira Advert

Did I miss this one? Did it ever come to the UK? I’m not sure it did.


Cadbury Twirl Advert

I still love Twirls to this day! They’re fantastic! This advert probably didn’t win any Oscar’s however!

Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Photographer Advert

Cadbury’s started to spend more and more on their adverts in 1990 and this is another interesting one that didn’t get all sexual.

Cadbury’s Double Decker Advert

Not the most imaginative this one, but it still shows the different flavours they’ve got in the bar. It still didn’t make me go out and buy it in arms full.


Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Advert

I’m not sure on the exact date here, but the adverts are definitely getting more racy!

Cadbury Inspirations Advert

I definitely don’t remember this one! Does anyone?


Cadbury’s Fruit And Nutcase

A more imaginative advert this one. And yes I did used to have a hair style like that!


Cadbury’s Flake – Exact Date Unknown

Very sexual indeed! Ah this blast from the past reminds me of nipping up to the shop to buy more chocolate than was safe for any young boy to eat.

Cadbury’s Fudge Advert

To me this is one of the most memorable TV advert tunes. “A finger of fudge is just enough to give a girl a treat”. I bet you’ll be humming that to yourself for the rest of the day.

Curly Wurly

3p? oooh how I wish chocolate was still 3p! I’m starting to feel old!


Hi-De-Hi!!! Such a blast from the past and I love it! Great stuff. Anyone want to through me into a pool wearing women’s tights?


Cadbury Picnic

Don’t you just love the old retro packaging?


Cadbury’s Caramel Advert

This is still one of my most favourite adverts and worked a treat on me. I’m not a big fan of caramel these days. But the advert is a classic!


Cadbury’s Whole Nut Advert

Far from being their best but like some of their chocolate it was short and sweet.


Fruit & Nut-Case

Perhaps not the most memorable advert there ever was. But it still has a gorgeous glow of yesteryear!


Cadbury Nut Milk Chocolate

Tony Hancock was a complete genius! This advert might have been lacking in length, but Tony made up for that in character. Missed.

1960’s / 1970’s

Milk Tray Adverts

This is a wonderful collection of Milk Tray Adverts from 40 and 50 years ago. Aren’t they great? The black and white James Bond type adverts are complete classics![/three_fourth_last]

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