Cadbury Fish Advert – Spots v Stripes And Song

This is the new Cadbury advert coming out this weekend. I think I get it. It looks like we’ll have a good run of Olympics type adverts from Cadbury over the next couple of years. Of course this advert reminded me of Finding Nemo. But I’m struggling to find what it had to do with chocolate – just like the Flake advert. But hey ho. They’re worth a few billion, and I’m not.

And if you wanted to know what the music to this Cadbury fish advert is. Well its Hotcha Corni by Spike Jones. It’s a catchy song if you me!!

And for those of you who want to know what type of fish is in the advert, well its a Female Spotty!

The spotty (Notolabrus celidotus) has different colorations for males and females. So named due to a spot or spots on their otherwise rather nondescript bodies, they are endemic to New Zealand and are found all around the coast. Members of the wrasse family (Labridae), they are opportunistic feeders, eating a wide variety of food. Small crustaceans are favoured by juveniles, while adults seek larger prey such as crabs and brittle stars. Also known by the names kelpie, guffy and the Māori paketi, it is a popular catch among children fishing from wharves.

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