Cadbury Creme Eggs

I was never a huge fan of the Cadbury’s Creme Egg as a kid they were too messy for me. But like beer and late nights staring at the bottom of the accompanying glass, things change as you get older. Having matured I now fully appreciate their beauty.

I know they could never compare with the Askinosie chocolate bar for emotional satisfaction, but purely on a prime-evil desire to get chocolaty goo down you when you tuck into something that has no nutritional value, there’s something amazing about these mini, filled Easter eggs.

Cadbury’s Creme Eggs are synonymous with Easter. They sell in their millions at Easter and is why there are now a huge variety of imitators such as the Mars Filled Eggs, the Lindt Lindor Mini Milk Chocolate Filled Eggs and the Galaxy filled mini eggs.

We all know, however, that nothing can compete for our attention as much as the mighty Cadbury Creme egg. The milk chocolate shell may be average, the one interior sickly-sweet and the yellow yoke unappetising on its own. But these are our Creme eggs, we need them like the air that we breathe.

Just look at the goo. What is so wonderful about these things is that they’re almost life-like. As you eat them you don’t know which side of your chin the filling will cover on the way to your feet or lap. This unexpected nature to the Creme egg is what keeps us coming back year after year – and more frequently for some!

I don’t need to review them really. We all know what they’re like. It’d be like rating your Christmas presents in front of your mother. Suffice to say, they’ll be a present in my house come Easter.

If you wanted to buy them in bulk or wholesale prices you can from Chocolate Buttons for £17.95 for a box of 48 or £2.85 for a pack of 6. Direct from Cadbury’s you can get a box of 48 for the higher price of £21. A Quarter Of sell 5 for £2.42.


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