Cadbury Chocolate Peanuts

Another impulse buy as I just popped to the local corner shop. I got these for about £2.20. However, I’ve found that Tesco do them for £1.67, Asda £1.66 or 3 for £4 until the end of the year, Sainsbury’s for £1.85 and Ocado for £1.84 – find out the latest prices here.

I’m currently on hold to T-Mobile trying to do something very simple in cancelling my mobile phone contract. So far its been 17 minutes and I’ve been munching my way through the fantastic Cadbury Chocolate Peanuts! This is the only thing that’s stopping me from exhibiting anti-social behavour.

What I love about these chocolate peanuts is that they manage to strike the balance between the milk chocolate and the peanut whilst keeping the salt levels down – this is what the Reese’s Cups just fails to do. There is a slight downside in that they’re quite dry. But if you’re in a cinema with a big soft drink or at home with a cuppa then you shouldn’t really notice it!

There’s another thing that I like which is that you’re eating whole peanuts, they’re not reconstituted from the peanuts that are a by-product of making other products. You’re enjoying pretty decent peanuts coated in chocolate.

As a quick review I’d give them a score of 75% as they’re incredibly difficult to stop eating once you’ve tried them!!

Find out more, including the nutritional information at MySupermarket.

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