Cadbury Caramello

This is the thing that’s confusing me, I don’t know if I bought this Cadbury Caramellow on holiday or in this country. I say that because on the wrapping its got “manufactured by Hershey’s” and after my previous experiences I’m thinking it may be different from the previous ones I’ve tried. Alas my fears are unfounded, it actually does taste like Cadbury chocolate, phew!

It’s obviously much like the Wispa Gold but not as light and fluffy. It’s not exactly a substantial bar as there’s a fair bit of gooey caramel in it, but this caramel does make it extremely sweet – too sweet for my taste buds.

I might have got it from Handy Candy for 99p, but I think even that’s too much. The chocolate is nice and light, you can’t really go far wrong with Cadbury’s chocolate if you’re looking for a snack, but when you combine it with the excessive amounts of caramel then its likely that’ll be too sweet. And when you consider that the bar is 57.8% sugar according to its nutritional information then you should probably take that as an indicator of how sweet it is!

Quick Rating: 45%

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