Cadbruy’s Screme Egg

I got this Screme Egg as part of a Cadbury’s Trick or Treat gift box, and to be perfectly honest it was the only reason I bought it! I just wanted to know if it was at all different from the normal Creme Egg? And I don’t think I’ll shock anyone by saying its exactly the same – except from the fact that the yellow yolk has turned green in this version – I expect its because the colouring is supposed to represent rotten eggs.

Artisan du Chocolat has got in on the foul chocolate treats with their gourmet Dare to Trick or Treat Assorted Salted Caramels, but I assume Cadbury’s don’t actually want to sell chocolate that actually tastes of rotten fish or garlic, so they’ve played it safe and just changed the appearance of the egg. And who am I to say they should mess around with a product that sells in its millions?

Personally I find them far too sweet to enjoy more than half of one, but I’m sure many people, including my wife, will salivate at the thought of having one. I’ll leave the rest of the box full of these to her.

And if for your sins you find yourself under the Screme Egg spell then you can get plenty more of them in various selection boxes and individually for 55p each at Cadbury’s Gifts Direct

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