Butlers Chocolates Dark Chocolate Mint Crunch

Butlers Chocolates Dark Chocolate Mint Crunch Packaging

Mint chocolate has to be my all-time favourite flavour when it comes to chocolate. It just reminds me of my childhood with After Eight Mints and Mint Vienetta. But this pleasant memory was utterly shattered by the insipid and awful Prestat Choxi with Oriental Mint. It was one of the most disagreeable chocolate experiences I’ve had. Thankfully I found some mint chocolate that has brought that smile back to face.

Butlers Chocolates Dark Chocolate Mint Crunch Texture

This bar was sent direct from the guys at Butlers along with what seems to be their entire bar range. Obviously I was drawn to this due to past experiences as well as the fresh imagery they used on the front of the packaging.

Butlers Chocolates Dark Chocolate Mint Crunch Structure

The mould itself wasn’t the best I’ve seen, but I suppose it’s functional. I also think there was a bit of temperature shock, but if you bought their bars in the UK I’m sure they’d be treated right. But you’re not really buying it for the aesthetics are you really? You’d probably buy a bar because you just love mint chocolate and, to be honest, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

The mint flavour is very intense – much like mint toothpaste as it leaves a lovely fresh-taste in your mouth. I know others prefer more mild flavours, but I just adore this sort of confectionary. The mint does completely over-power the flavour of the chocolate but that’s to be expected. Another delightful feature is the crunchy bits which add greatly to the experience. But I was surprised that this bar is labelled as an 80% bar as it tasted so much more sweet than that!

Of course it’ll never win an Academy of Chocolate Award, but its target audience will love it – I certainly won’t be giving any away!

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Quick Rating:
  • 65% – nice but not artisan.

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