Butlers Almond & Orange Dark Chocolate

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When eating dark chocolate I like to ration myself and this 100g bar from Butlers of Ireland is marked into ten pieces making it easy to savour over a number of days. The chocolate itself is 58% cocoa solids which is good if you don’t like a strong dark flavour, for me though I would prefer a deeper taste. The bar contains 6% roasted almond pieces which is enough to get a mild crunch in each bite, and the almonds are finely chopped so a subtle nutty flavour lingers on the palate. The candied orange pieces were a lovely addition giving the bar a hint of luxury, but the orange left me wanting more, perhaps a hint of orange oil would be nice, or more peel.

Overall this bar was nicely presented, and encased in a gold inner wrapping. It would be pleasant as an after dinner treat if you wanted to try something a little different.

As a chocoholic it’s great to try brands I haven’t tried before, and Butlers is certainly one I’ll be looking out for next time I’m looking for an indulgent treat.

You can buy this bar direct from Butlers in boxes of six bars for €13.20 here or from Amazon.

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