Buffalo Milk Chocolate

Sorry for the numerous Artisan du Chocolat reviews lately. The thing is that I recently had a shopping trip there and can’t help but push chocolate to the front of the queue if they look interesting or unusual. And what could be more ‘out of the ordinary’ than chocolate made with buffalo milk?

Texture Of The Buffalo Milk Chocolate From Artisan du Chocolat

I do love buffalo mozzarella and found the packaging childishly attractive so I couldn’t resist and just had to buy it. And after getting it home and researching the source of the buffalo milk: Laverstoke Park, I fell for it even more. I’m a huge fan of organic, natural produce and apparently this is the “university of organics” which a tall claim, but probably well deserved.

Again the bar comes in the typical thin 45g bars which are very delicate. Also I don’t know if it’s different because of the 28% buffalo milk, but I found the bar starting to soften in my non-heated office. But the one thing, and the main thing, I enjoyed most about this bar is the mild, but very slightly peppery and earthy flavour. But actually, thinking about it, one of the superb qualities of this bar is the understated sweetness. I didn’t actually notice it at first, but it’s hardly sweet at all. The guys at Artisan du Chocolat have done a great job in letting the water buffalo milk flavour dominate and push any mass-market satisfying sweetness to the far reaches of the taste range.

This is actually a bar of milk chocolate that I could polish off with no problem at all and I’m not even reaching for the water, instead I’m actually savouring the flavour. Great stuff.

Where To Buy The Water Buffalo Milk Chocolate Bar


  • Taste: 70% – obviously I prefer dark chocolate but as milk chocolate goes I loved that it wasn’t too sweet.
  • Texture: 65% – the texture was ok, but a bit too soft for my liking.
  • Appearance: 75% – the Laverstoke Park Farm branding is deliciously relaxed and informal. It’s nice to have a bar of chocolate that looks more fun than seductive.
  • Nutritional Information: 75% – there’s all the information you’ll want if you care about what you consume
  • Price: 70% – for £2.80 this is a great way to introduce your children to organic food and alternative sources of meat
  • Overall: 71% – well worth trying out and comparing to the milk chocolate you can find on the high-street




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