Green & Blacks Breakthrough Breast Cancer Bar

Cancer means a lot to me seeing as he died of it. He didn’t die of breast cancer, although men can actually die of it, but it does raise issue with me that anything I can do to raise awareness of cancer or money for it then I’m more than happy to help. If that means eating chocolate – then its a winner with me!

This is the press review bar that I have before me with the PR contacts and details of the prices with the most important bit being that Green & Blacks will pledge £20,000 to the Breakthrough Break Cancer chartiy with the bar being launched this month which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Of course the bar is going to be a mass apeal bar. And what is more popular than raisins and hazelnuts? Down the years its been a firm favourite of mine whilst kicking back and relaxing on a Saturday night with a good film. But the usual option, being that one, I which I won’t mention is often far too sugary and can leave me with a sugar headache, but this Green & Blacks version is far more palatable.

Some might not understand the visual appearance. It’s not gone off, its just that the oil from the hazelnuts has come out and has become visible on the surface – its nothing to worry about. Flavourwise, it’s very melow, not overly sweet and incredibly addictive. I find myself breaking off piece after piece, after, well piece!

And to think that eating chocolate could help the 50,000 people a year that find out they have breast cancer can only be a good thing!

Lee McCoy

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