Bovetti Chocolate

Bovetti Chocolate

In 1994, Walter Bovetti established the Bovetti Chocolate Company in Aubazine, France. Before founding his own company, Bovetti was employed in a number of biscuit factories throughout France. In 2002, the company opened a new factory at Terrasson. Walter Bovetti, together with 5 other chocolate connoisseurs, began Roca Cacao in 2006. Roca Cacao is a fairtrade association established on the island of Sao Tome.

Bovetti Chocolate

Bovetti’s quality chocolates are produced using a combination of fine artisan hand craftsmanship and industrial operations. Using only pure cocoa butter and top quality raw materials, Bovetti strives to provide its customers throughout the world with a unique and delicious range of chocolate products.

Bovetti Chocolate Bars

Bovetti carries a large variety of chocolate bars ranging from exquisite spices such as rose pepper or ginger, to fruity combinations like candied orange or banana. Try one of their lovely floral flavours such as lavender, blue mint, jasmine or violet. Bovetti’s Single Origin bars are produced from quality cacao beans harvested in a single area. Try their Sao Tome, Ecuador or Saint Domingo for a subtle taste of culture. Bovetti’s organic chocolate bars are made from single origin Santa Domingo cacao beans. Their organic chocolate bars are available in a large variety of exquisite flavours such as black tea, dried tomato and Brittany seaweed.

Bovetti Aperitif Chocolates

These unique morsels are created by covering rosemary leaves, aniseed, mustard, coriander and fennel seeds in Bovetti’s luxurious chocolate. Coriander is coated in milk chocolate while white chocolate is used to cover fennel, rosemary and aniseed. Dark chocolate is used with mustard seed. This truly innovative chocolate combination will leave your tongue tingling with pleasure.

Bovetti Coated Chocolates

Bovetti’s covered chocolates are available in a number of fruit and nut combinations. These include walnuts coated in white or dark chocolate, hazelnuts covered in milk or dark chocolate and grapes, almonds or candied oranges smothered in dark chocolate.

Bovetti Chocolate Spreads

Bovetti’s Veritable Chocolate spreads range combines their delicious chocolate with hazelnuts to produce a spreadable chocolate sensation ideal for waffles, bread or crepes. The Veritable range includes dark or milk chocolate and milk chocolate caramel with “fleur de sel.”

Other Chocolates

Bovetti also offers a wide range of gift or special occasion chocolates packaged in beautiful tins and gift boxes. In addition, traditional hand-painted chocolate mouldings are available for Easter and Christmas. The chocolate is sold in its original mould that can later be reused by children for creating their own chocolate or plaster figures.

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  • Choc lover

    I bought a bar of Novetti Caramel & Sea Salt chocolate today for £3.99 and it was the most disgusting chocolate I’ve ever eaten. The reason it tastes so revolting is that it’s cheap to make. Doing it up in a fancy wrapper fooled me once – but never again. It’s virtually inedible.

    • Jbaross

      My friend brought some bovetti from Paris – it was fabolous! :) wish I could get it in the states… But no luck. Guess I’ll have to stock up next time in Paris. Sooo worth it!!!

  • Carole

    Any tips on UK stockists/on-line none trade suppliers. I know there’s a little deli in Leyburn Yorkshire but can’t remember its name….gggrrrr….corriander pearls in milk choc are fabulous!!