Bovetti Blue Mint 73% Dark Chocolate Bar

Bovetti Blue Mint 73% Dark Chocolate Bar

Bovetti are an artisan or gourmet chocolate produced from and may not be as well known as other brands such as Valrhona, but they do make some pretty good stuff. And today I’m trying out their 73% Cocoa Dark Chocolate Bar with Blue Mint which I bought whilst at the Ramsbottom chocolate festival a couple of months ago as I knew it was a great brand and thought that “blue mint” sounded interesting.

The packaging follows their usual cardboard with a cellophane window and may not be the most interesting in the world, but it does the job. I don’t find it all that inspiring, and if I was just on a hunt for some unusual chocolate I might pass this by due to its looks – I’d probably end up with some Zotter instead. That being said, you do get a good slab of it at 100g, which is a bonus.

Bovetti Blue Mint 73% Dark Chocolate Bar

The actual bar, itself does look strange. It had a very strange aqua blue colour which reminded very much of the mould you often get on bread if you leave it in a damn kitchen. This was slightly off putting, but I struggled on and tried some.

Mmmm this has a strange flavour. I can’t place it. Perhaps it’s got a slight peppermint flavour? Whatever it is, it’s not like the usual mint flavoured chocolate that you find virtually every chocolate company making, this is much different. It’s a much more mellow; it’s indirect and somewhat disappointing. There’s just not enough flavour. What there is of the chocolate just is masked by the insipid mint flavour. It certainly doesn’t add to the experience.

Bovetti Blue Mint 73% Dark Chocolate Bar

The texture can’t be faulted to any significant level. The snap is crisp, the crystals small and well formed, it’s just that its nothing out of this world which is what I expected from the brand. When I’ve finished my current stash of chocolate I’ll buy some more and see what they’re like. I can see they do a good variety of bars including, organic pepper, organic dark chilli, hazelnut, lavender, coffee beans, dried fruits, banana, candied orange, caramel & sea salt, raspberry crystals etc. I should be able to find some I like out of that intriguing collection.

  • Taste: 60% – it was alright, just nothing special
  • Texture: 75% – fine, but nothing exceptional.
  • Appearance: 65% – it did have a nice rustic look, but, again, nothing exceptional
  • Nutritional Information: 70% – better than most, but not as good as the big brands
  • Price: 70% – for about £3.25 its pretty good value
  • Overall: 68% – could have been so much better

Where To Buy The Bovetti Blue Mint Dark Chocolate Bar
  • The Chocolate Connoisseur

Nutritional Information:
  • Ingredients: Dark chocolate (cocoa solids, sugar, cocoa butter, natural flavour: vanilla), blue mint flavour sugar cystals 7% (sugar, glucose, blue mint flavour, colouring: E122, E124, E131, E132, E151).
  • 73% cocoa solids minimum.

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