Terre à Terre Boozy Rum Truffles

Whilst surfing around the “Great Taste Awards” website I came across Terre à Terre and saw that they’d won an award for their Boozy Rum Truffles, so being both a lover of both rum and truffles it didn’t take me long to get my credit card out and buy some.

Olivia sends her truffles out on a Monday by courier. Having just missed the deadline I emailed her and asked if she could send them out of her schedule as I might miss them when I was away? Thankfully she agreed, and even sent over some Salt Caramel Chocolate Truffles gratis which I’ll be reviewing tomorrow.

My philosophy of chocolate is fairly simple. Chocolate should look great and also taste great. But sometimes the chocolate does all the talking. And that’s certainly the case with these truffles as they came in an understated white box. I’m sure Terre à Terre create their truffles for dinner parties rather than gifts per se, so it was perfectly fine that they came in that sort of packaging with a fairly basic label.

When you open up the box you’re met with 12 dusty, fairly dark brown truffles that may not instantly fill you with expectation. However, a moment after you’ve crunched through the very crisp shell, you’ll be able to fully appreciate rapture of the boozy truffle inside.

This contradiction between the very crisp, thick shell and the gorgeously soft, inviting truffle is delightful. The flavour seems more natural than that of the Rum & Cola Truffles from My Chocolate Bar – obviously because it was adulterated with the cola which would add a more obvious flavour into the mix. But these from Terre à Terre aren’t complex. The flavour is simple and direct. The rum is soft but pervasive. It’s sweet without being substantive. They really are a triumph of truffle making.

With some chocolate truffles they can become a bit ‘much’ after three or four or, certainly, five. With these, however, I’m sure I could work my way through the lot and only allow myself to be distracted by the odd slurp of tea. Although, a glass of Champagne may be more appropriate.

There’s a good reason that these truffles won the two gold stars at the Great Taste Awards – they’re simply very good. I’m glad I ordered them and glad they arrived ready for reviewing on a gorgeous sunny Saturday afternoon.

  • Taste: 95% – I was trying to work out if they’re more a summer or winter truffle – to me they’re a truffle that should be enjoyed at every opportunity
  • Texture: 90% – I loved the contradiction between the thick shell and wonderfully soft truffle centre
  • Appearance: 70% – ok, so the box lets it down, but they’re not meant to be a “wow” truffle for looking at, they’re a “wow” truffle for enjoying with your taste buds
  • Nutritional Information: 60% – there seems to an inverse relationship between nutritional information and the quality of the chocolate. It’s in full swing here! At a dinner party you’re not going to worry about calories.
  • Price: 90% – at £6.95 they’re great value compared to the £8.80 (at least) for Charbonnel et Walker Pink Champagne Truffles.
  • Overall: 81% – only let down by the box and nutritional information. Given the volumes they probably sell then it would become uneconomic. The important factors are that they taste amazing and are great value – that’s all that should matter.


Where To Buy The Terre à Terre Boozy Rum Truffles
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