Boo! Dark Chocolates

So you’re thinking this year that you’ll give the little urchins that come knocking on your door some good quality dark chocolate as opposed to that milk chocolate you’ve been giving to them for the past few days – and you’re stuck for ideas. Well I think I’ve come up with the perfect solution – well I didn’t, I’m just blogging about them, it’s actually Hotel Chocolat which has come up with the goods – in the form of these dark chocolate Boo! treats.

As per usual the packaging is great, the design hitting the market perfectly and even has the delightful touch with a top hat wearing skull sticker when they could have just used a clear one. It’s that attention to detail that I massively respect Hotel Chocolat for. But it doesn’t stop there. I’m so used to opening up lovely boxes of chocolates for the contents to be contained in one large clear bag with not much thought about how they’re to be consumed. Not here, the team in Royston placed each one of the chocolate shapes into their own bag so you can dish them out to the children as they come knocking without the chocolate melting on you or getting contaminated. Great work.

So I doubt their chocolate is actually their wonderful single origin stuff, but it still is pretty delicious – and possibly wasted on children. But obviously they are aimed at kids seeing as each box of 15 contains an assortment of chocolate skulls, bats, severed fingers, cats, tombstones and ghost – all of which are made from the same 70% dark chocolate. There is some acidity to it, but not nearly as much as their more gourmet chocolate. The tartness is there but less ‘character’ as you would normally expect. However, this is plainly because the chocolates are to be consumed by children who may be less comfortable with dark chocolate. The good thing is that you can also get them in white and milk and if you buy three of these types of Halloween treats then you’ll save £1 per box and have them for £7 each.

Whether you’ll think that is good value for money is up to you. But if you’re the sort of person that doesn’t like to be associated with cheap rubbish then these are probably for you. I’ve now got 11 left and I’ll be saving them for October 31st.

Lee McCoy

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