Bonnat Los Colorados

When you constantly find new chocolates from a maker that massively impress you have in the back of your mind the belief that it just can’t go on forever. There has to be a time when you get to a bar that just doesn’t do it for you. By the same token much of the Ecuador origin chocolate I’ve tried recently has been very pleasant, but not astounding. So when you combine those two notions then this Ecuadorian Bonnat entitled the “Los Colorados” was bound to find itself in the ‘meh’ category.

Bonnat Los Colorados

Los Colorados Santo Domingo is situated west of the nation’s capital Quito and is home of an ethnic group that the region gets its name from: Los Colorados. These peoples are noted for their colourful died hair and facepainting. While the chocolate’s packaging represents their blue hair, the chocolate itself is less colourful. The mellowness that typifies Stephanie’s chocolate is certainly there, along with orange fruit and a touch of nutmeg, but there is similarly a lot of earthiness so typical of the origin. I had hoped for more fun from this chocolate but it’s just ‘ordinary’ my mind. It’s not as expressive as the Cuba which I would say is in the same sort of ‘category’ and certainly not as revered as the Porcelana – but what would you expect.

The Ecuadorian Bonnat

If you’re a Bonnat fan I’m sure you’d love to add this to your collection, but I don’t suggest you go out of your way to try it.

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