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Bon Bons of LeedsBack in April I started my mystery shopping experiences where I’d visit a chocolate unannounced and see what their customer service levels are, what they’ve got in store and the general appearance of the shops. Back then I’d basically covered every one the chocolate shops when I did my own chocolate tour of London. But as I was in Yorkshire for a couple of days for our wedding anniversary, I thought it would be a good idea to try out the chocolate shops in Leeds and York. The first of them was Bon Bons of Leeds.

I actually stumbled on this one by accident as my wife took me into down the co-incidentally named Thorntons Arcade on the hunt for clothes or anything that’d be good for presents. I knew it was in Leeds but had completely forgotten about it. The arcade reminded me very much of Princess Arcade in London where you can find a Prestat Store – although this one was much more airy and full of better quality shops.

It’s quite difficult to fault the location as its right in the middle of the main, luxurious shopping district of Leeds. We parked the car to the north of the centre at the Merion Way shopping centre which was, to be honest, a dive. The shops in the Victoria Quarter are of great quality and close to everything you could need.

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Score 10/10

I couldn’t really fault how the shop looked from the outside or in. All the bon bons, truffles, ganaches and chocolate treats where orderly arranged with clear information as to what they were and how much they cost.

Bon Bons Counter

The fresh counter was well-stocked with a wide variety of truffles and ganaches. Everything had the prices on and the various sizes of ballotins were placed on top.

Score 9/10

If there was one downside it would be the large sales poster in the front window which distracted from the overall appearance.

Score 9/10

Bon Bons Leeds SelectionThe Walk In
I loved this bit. When I walked in the staff welcomed me and it was very clear as to how I should explore the shop.

Score 9/10

There was a great deal to choose from with a very good variety of different flavours. There were bagged selections for people that prefer white, dark or milk chocolate. There was also a small selection of Christmas chocolates to be hand – but obviously not with their fresh chocolates. There were also some samples to be had – which is always a bonus.

Score 8/10

The two young ladies were very friendly. We had a good natter and they didn’t rush to take my money.

Score 8/10

I didn’t take the prices of the ballotins of fresh truffles, but I don’t recall thinking they were expensive. I did buy a bag of six Champagne truffles for £2.95 and ten Belgian caramels for £5.95.

Score 9/10

Taste Test
I’m yet to review these.

Score ?/10

Without reviewing the chocolates I’ll give them a provisional

Score 8.86/10

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  • Shazzy1161

    I landed on this page because I was looking for a very large easter egg to raffle….. I was mortified that you call the Merrion Centre a dive!!!! It was good enough for parking, so why not be good enough and shop. Peoples livelihoods are at risk from crass comments. I work in the Merrion centre and am proud of the Company I work for and am pleased to be asscociated with the Merrion Centre