10 Belgian Caramels From Bon Bons of Leeds

Caramels from Stefan DumonI bought this bag of ten ‘Belgian’ caravels from Bon Bons in Leeds for the princely sum fo £5.95 – which makes them just under 60p each and way below the £2 per truffle I normally aim for when buying quality truffles, caramels and the such like. So surely bon bons at this price couldn’t be all that good?

I’ll give these a quick review, but visually they look very good for that price level. The bag has a solid base, a luxurious label and the ability to see what you’re actually buying inside. They do look a touch ‘factory-made’ rather than handmade and may actually be the case as it looks like the chocolatier Stefan Dumon does retail his chocolates to a wide range of independent stores accross the country and isn’t a chocolatier ‘in residence’. Having not heard of Stefan before I visited the store I thought he made chocolates only for Bon Bons. Nevermind.

Stefan Dumon Caramel Selection from Bon Bons of Leeds

The first I tried seemed to be somethig like a crème fraiche with caramel which actually quite nice as the caramel didn’t dominate. The milk chocolate one was too sweet for me, but perfectly acceptable, I would imagine for caramel lovers, whilst the dark chocolate version didn’t offer anything too outstanding and only a slightly different dimension to the milk chocolate variation. The larger milk chocolate caramel in the shape of a rounded triangle was just the same – unfortuantely.

Belgian Caramels from Stegan Dumon

The white chocolate caramel was similarly unadventurous, whilst the circular caramel with a white chocolate dot on the top finally offered a variation of flavour with a fruity edge, but alas, nothing outstanding.

Even though I’m no caramel lover, I am somewhat experienced in tasting caramels. There were two variations from the standard fair, but not enough to get me too excited. There was very little imagination exhibited. I know they were 60p each so I can’t really expect too much. But I feel for people if these were their first introduction to caramels.

As a quick rating, I’d give them 55%. Sorry. Find out more about Bon Bons here.

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  • Claire

    The caramels produced by Stephan Dumon, available at BonBon’s in Wetherby and Leeds, are all handmade, occasionally we have the odd guest chocolate in the shops too! He has a team of people working with him, and when compared with actual factory made chocolates the difference is clear in the tasting. For someone who claims to source only the best chocolates I am extremely surprised you have not recognised the chocolates you purchased were not only handmade but additive and preservative free – how a chocolate should really taste. Although Dumon chocolates are available at a few other places around the country it is via BonBon’s that these chocolates are made available to the UK market. And when researched properly you will find very few chocolatiers who hand make their own chocolates, which is something I’m sure Dumon are proud of. Something which I am certain comes through in the tasting.