Blyss Chocolate Tangerine Romance

Blyss Chocolate Tangerine Romance

I’ve gone into great deal about the brand, ethos and styling of Blyss Chocolate in the review of their Ishpingo Mystery bar so I’m going to skip straight into how the it tastes. We know it looks great, but what about the other senses?

Blyss Chocolate Tangerine Romance Bloomed

The aroma is that of an artisan bar. What I call fake or pretentious dark chocolate bars don’t have this sort of acidic edge. Even though you’d expect it to as it’s flavoured with tangerine but there’s also a meadow freshness that is, well refreshing. Quite often fine chocolate is dark and moody but with this one there’s more a lighter, uplifting edge.

I never really get on well with orange and chocolate. I think it started with the woeful Terry’s chocolate orange and was then reaffirmed by the Melt Dark Chocolate with Orange which was just too sharp and which obliterated the flavour of the chocolate. But with this bar the Arriba Nacional flavour came through well and was sort of was walking hand and hand through the mist with the soft, delicate and sweet tangerine flavour – sans bitterness and resemblance of zest.

This chocolate rolls around you delightfully. There’s no slap, no tickle, just hugs all the way. I know some may prefer the taste of chocolat aux naturale as opposed to subtly flavoured chocolate such as this, but if you’re open to the idea of a sweet and sour bar of chocolate then you should really give it a go. I know it’ll be too sweet for many dark chocolate lovers, given the tangerine flavour and that its only 60% cacao, but park that prejudice to one side and allow yourself the chance to try something special.

If this bar was a song it’d be:
    • Dar Williams – Comfortably Numb


Where To Buy The Tangerine Romance
  • Blyss Chocolate – it’s not on sale yet (as far as I’m aware), this bar was a sample sent over by Blyss, but I’m sure it’ll be hitting these shores soon.


  • Taste: 80% – I loved the different take on dark chocolate from what I’ve been exposed to recently
  • Texture: 75% – it was somewhat affected by the cold weather that we had whilst this bar was been shipped to me
  • Appearance: 95% – of course I have to give it the same score as the other bar
  • Nutritional Information: 95% – and here too
  • Price: n/a% –
  • Overall: 80% – well worth trying!


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  • Carlito

    I too am not a chocolate and orange fan at all – every encounter has been (for my taste) incongruous. However I was BLYSSfully charmed by Tangerine Romance, the subtle tangerine really does whisper through. All in all, from unwrapping to savoring it can be said that BLYSS is beyond happiness :)