Bite The Bullet Chocolate Russian Roulette Gift Set

Bite The Bullet Chocolate Russian Roulette Packaging

There’s not many times that I’ve thought about asking for my money back when I’ve bought some chocolate online, but I have with this chocolate stocking filler aimed at adults. The ‘Bite the Bullet’ Russian Roulette gif that I bought myself was just terrible and no where near worth the £7.99 I parted with to buy these from Firebox.

Bite The Bullet Chocolate Russian Roulette Gift Set

I really don’t know how people can really rate them so highly on the Firebox website? I know they’re supposed to be just a fun Christmas gift, but £7.99 for something that smells and tastes as bad as this is just daylight robbery – at least if they used a chocolate gun you’d be able to get away easily!

The aroma was worse than any Hershey product I’ve ever witnessed and the flavour just as bad. The idea is that there are 13 chocolate bullets – one of which is chili flavoured. The problem is that you’re actually on to a loser if you pick any of them as they all taste bad. But the chili chocolate bullet? Boy was it hot, chemical hot, just like when I used to wash dishes in my local restuarant and had to use really caustic chemicals to get the job done. I know there’s probably nothing dangerous about these chocolates, but they didn’t taste pleasant at all!

My advice would be to save yourself £2.99 and get your self some chocolate reindeers instead!

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